Frits Schrouff is one of the founders of the present bean sprouts production in the Netherlands. One of the reasons for the continuously high quality of our bean sprouts is the use of advanced technology. It enables us to meet the specific needs of every type of customer in every market sector.

Besides quality, food safety and compliance with the EU-law for sprouting of seeds, plays an important role. Heuschen & Schrouff holds both HACCP- and IFS-certificates. Through our HACCP safety plan, the microbiological quality of our bean sprouts is monitored and guaranteed from raw material to the moment of delivery. Through our ‘Milieukeur’ certificate, we show our social responsibility, while contributing to a sustainable improvement of the environment.



  • Mung beans of the best quality are imported to Landgraaf from China.

  • The mung beans are delivered in containers, which are individually examined for the possible presence of pesticides.

  • The mung beans are washed and left to germinate in certified spring water.


  • A fully automated process, based on creating a natural growth cycle.

  • Relatively small quantities are cultivated and harvested in containers of a total capacity of 700 kg in order to ensure guaranteed quality of the bean sprouts.

  • A modern system is used to control temperature and manage watering, which are both fully computer-controlled.

  1. The mung beans are washed in preparation for the production process and left to soak in water. Any bacterial impurities are also removed at this stage.

  2. The containers are filled in accordance with the desired specifications.

  3. The containers are placed in special growing chambers.

  4. The growing process is fully automatic: the water temperature, water quantity and climate are completely computer-controlled in order to ensure optimum end-product quality.

  5. The bean sprouts are harvested during the night so deliveries of fresh produce can be made to customers each morning.

  6. Vibrating plates are used to remove the bean husks and roots.

  7. The bean sprouts are cooled and dried in a cooling tunnel. The temperature can be set to customer specifications.

  8. The bean sprouts are weighed and poured into special 10 kg crates.

The crate cleaning process runs in parallel to the production process. This operation is integrated in the production line to ensure that the bean sprouts are always loaded into clean and hygienic crates.

The bean sprout production process is executed as efficiently as possible by optimising the consumption of raw materials and energy. Most of the heat released during the production process and the spring water is recycled back into the process. 

More than 150,000 kg of bean sprouts are produced each week.