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Moondish makes it very easy to discover Filipino food. Two popular dishes from the Philippine islands are prepared fresh, and canned locally, for people all over the world to enjoy by simply heating its content.

The first, Laing, is a delicacy of the Bicol Region. This delicious dish is primarily made of  Taro (Gabi) leaves and stalks slowly cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with ginger and Philippine chilli, with absolutely no preservatives! The sweetness of heavy coconut milk, plus the distinct taste of taro leaves and the oozing spice of Philippine chilli will surely give a kick in one’s taste buds, making laing a sought-after dish throughout the Philippines.

The second, Bicol, is a mixture of green and red chili pepper, sliced winged bean pods and other spices simmered in coconut cream. Its level on the spicy scale is astronomical, if you are brave enough to chew, so be sure to eat it with plenty of white rice. Bicolano dishes are truly unique, and the islands deserve their reputation as Spicy Bicol ‘where cooking dishes with no sili is not cooking at all!’

Moondish brings you these 2 unique Filipino specialties in its pure, all natural form, with no preservatives or flavouring added, and free from trans fat.

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Laing with hot & spicy shrimps

Heat & Eat Philippine Laing and Bicol

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