Authentic A-Brands


To enable our European fans of Asian food to choose for the best, Heuschen & Schrouff has brought all A-brands together within all Asian food ranges. Beside the European translation all packages retain their original character. Our full A-Brands range contains over three-thousand groceries, frozen- and fresh products coming from twelve Asian countries. As market leader in our business we have a large offer of top brands and products which we exclusively import and distribute in Western-Europe.

Asian Home Gourmet

From our home to your home

Asian Home Gourmet’s range of spice pastes and sauces brings the delights of Asian cuisine straight to your consumer’s home. Made with the freshest ingredients, people all over the world are falling in love with the taste, convenience, and versatility of Asian Home Gourmet’s exquisite spice pastes.

Cuisine: Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Indian, Szechuan, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean
Main product: Indian chicken curry spice paste
Claim: No added MSG / no added preservatives / no added colouring


Boy Bawang

Yummy, crunchy & irresistible

After a decade of moderate success, KSK Food Products hit it big in 2003, when they launched the now leading corn snack in the Philippines: Boy Bawang Glaric Flavoured Cornink.

Using only top grade corn, and Philippine renowned garlic, Boy Bawang offers visibly better quality cornick, as evidenced by Boy Bawang’s appetizing aroma, unequalled taste, and crunchiness.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Garlic Flavoured Cornick
Range: Corn snacks



Freshly frozen convenience

Established in 1986, BDMP first gained global recognition for its excellent range of dried fish, including dried shrimps - one of the few ingredients which can provide the mysterious ‘fifth taste’ umami.

The Thai company has expanded its product portfolio to frozen food ever since. A convenient range of freshly frozen Asian spices, such as frozen chilli, lemongrass and ginger, allows you to keep these essential ingredients on stock in your freezer. 

BDMP’s ready to eat concept includes Asian favourite desserts, such as classic Chinese steamed rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves, and trendy coconut water. It is BDMP’s view, that frozen food is the solution to retaining optimal taste, texture, and appearance, while ensuring long lasting freshness.

Cuisine: Thai & Chinese
Main product: Dried shrimp
Range: Dried & frozen fish, spices, fruit, vegetables and desserts


Chiu Chow

Commitment to quality and delicious taste

The Chiu Chow brand is named after Chiu Chow, a regional Chinese cuisine less known, but inspired by Cantonese food.

The most popular legacy of Chiu Chow, or Teochew cuisine is its use of fish balls. Fish balls are usually eaten in everyday noodle soups, by boiling chicken stock, adding the fish balls, and some vegetables to taste. In Thailand, it is common to eat them fried or grilled as a snack.

To produce its market leading fish balls, Chiu Chow brand selects the absolute best of the daily sea catch, which is then filleted, finely minced, cooked or fried, and immediately frozen. A process only Chiu Chow has been able to lift to global quality standards.

Chiu Chow is proud that its unceasing commitment to quality and delicious taste has made its brand a household name in home market Thailand.

Cuisine: Chinese & Thai
Main product: Mixed seafood balls
Range: Fish balls



A healthy alternative to candy

With its fun portion packs and exotic fruit flavours, the Malaysian brand Cocon has won over many customers for its nata de coco pudding.

Nata de coco is refreshing, high in dietary fibres, low fat, and gaining popularity fast, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of nata de coco drinks.

The brand’s fruit candy and fruit gummies are equally low in fat, making Cocon a very healthy, and yet luscious alternative to candy.

Origin: Malaysia
Main product: Nata de coco pudding (assorted flavours)
Range: Pudding, jellies, candy and gummies


Double Pagoda

High quality, cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil

In 1943, during World War II and in a land under occupation, the entrepreneur in Mr. Lim Tai Tin still made the best of the situation, and he decided to start an oil company. He was the first to produce sesame oil by machine, and he personally and painstakingly designed and supervised all stages of production, placing top priority on product aroma and purity.

He named his sesame oil brand ‘Double Pagoda’ , after a landmark in his home town in China. Mr Lim’s hard work paid off, because to this day, the company still flourishes. Under the 3rd generation of Lim entrepreneurs, Double Pagoda has won the Gold Medal of the International Monde Selection for 5 consecutive years. 

Double Pagoda’s high quality, cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil is perfect for sauces and dressings. It retains the natural flavour and goodness of sesame, which is a source of antioxidants, rich in calcium, vitamins, iron and fibres, and lowers blood pressure. Sesame oil is thus not only bursting with flavour, it also keeps you young!

Origin: Singapore 
Main product: Sesame oil
Range: Oil




Drinho is one of the beverage brands of the Lam Soon Group – a household name in South East Asia, with many category leaders in its impressive brand portfolio. 

Recently relaunched, Drinho soy milk is now all natural, richer in soy taste and extra nutritious.

In Europe, Drinho soy milk is sold as ‘soy drink’  due to EU restrictions. It is mainly considered a perfect substitute for cow’s milk, providing the same amount of protein and fat. 

In Asia however, soy milk is a very common and popular drink. It is a standard offering of street food vendors in Malaysia and China. It is traditionally sweetened with sugar syrup, grass jelly, ginger or pandan. The latest trend is to add either tapioca pearls (popular since the bubble tea invention), sweetened red bean, honey or black tea.

Drinho has recently extended its product line to include exotic fruit juices, such as lychees and winter melon, staying true to its promise to be refreshing!

Origin: Malaysia
Main product: Soy milk
Range: Soy milk and fruit juices


Healthy Boy

The world class quality sauces in Asian cooking style

Yan Wal Yun, the Thai seasoning sauce factory which produces Healthy Boy (Thai Name: Deksomboon), was established in 1947. Yan Wal Yun is the product leader in Thailand, manufacturing and exporting seasoning sauce for over 50 years.

When in 1993 its sauces started to be famous, the company has developed and penetrated the seasoning market under the name of Healthy Boy Brand. Healthy Boy sauces are loved, because they are made from a perfectly balanced mix of first class natural raw materials, which are processed in a modern production plant under the strictest hygienic conditions.

Healthy Boy offers you a great delicious taste and high nutritional value. Its sauces are suitable for seasoning all kinds of oriental food such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Western food.

Cuisine: Thai / Asian
Main product: Light soy sauce
Range: Asian style seasoning sauces



by Healthy Boy

Yan Wal yun is one of the top sauce companies in Thailand, and producer of the no. 1 Thai soy sauce under Healthy Boy brand (Deksomboon).

The company’s new brand concept, i-Chef, is a range of 5 delicious meal sauces that are so easy, that anyone can be a chef!

Just add meat, fish and vegetables, and your favourite Thai meal will be ready in minutes.

Cuisine: Thai
Main product: Hot basil stir-fry sauce
Range: meal sauces


Jack & Jill

Life’s fun!

Since 1954, parent company Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has been the innovative front runner in the snack food industry.

The secret behind the success is the EXCELLENT VALUE that Jack ‘n Jill products provide to consumers. Only pure ingredients, like real cheddar cheese, are used to create its tongue tickling snacks, while prices are kept affordable.

Jack ‘n Jill’s motto is ‘ Life’s fun!’  and so are its snacks, which range from ring shaped Roller Coaster potato-cheese rings to curled up Chiz Curls and crunchy Chippy chips. The product concepts are perfectly translated and supported by cartoons on Jack ‘n Jill’s fun packaging.

Universal Robina Corporation already has on-the-ground operations in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hongkong, and aims to become a key player in Asia, and in the long-term, make Jack 'n Jill a recognized world brand.

Origin: Philippine
Main product: Chippy Barbecue 
Range: Snacks



Tropical fruit juices

Jefi is a brand of Jeenhuat Foodstuffs, which is also the parent company of Jeeny’s. Jefi is known for its immensely popular tropical juices, which come in vibrant exotic flavours, and with exceptional juiciness. They are bursting with vitamins, provide the pure juice taste, and are free from preservatives. 

Another product range under Jefi brand is premium seafood snacks, such as smoked squid rings, which are recommended as a ready to eat snack to enjoy with drinks. Next to seafood snacks, Jefi also offers dried fish, like anchovy and shrimps, for cooking.

Jeenhuat Foodstuffs owns oversees companies in Malaysia, the USA, UAE, Thailand and China. Its vision is to be a globalized manufacturer of world class food & beverage products.

Origin: Malay
Main product: Lychee juice 
Range: Tropical fruit juices, dried fish and fish snacks



Asian ethnic food

Jeeny’s is a brand of Jeenhuat Foodstuffs, which is also the parent company of Jefi.

Jeeny’s  Oriental Food is positioned as the brand for Asian ethnic food. As such, it offers a smart range of general pan-Asian essentials such as shrimp paste (trassie), coconut milk and palm sugar at incredible value.

Jeenhuat Foodstuffs owns oversees companies in Malaysia, the USA, UAE, Thailand and China. Its vision is to be a globalized manufacturer of world class food & beverage products.

Origin: Malay
Main product: Coconut milk
Range: Asian ethnic food


Flying Goose

Keep one bottle handy and spice up your life!

Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce is the number one product of its kind from Thailand. Flying Goose was established in 1999 and produces sweet chilli sauce, red, green & yellow curry pastes, oyster sauce, salad dressings, sweet plum sauce, soy sauce and satay sauce. Its mission is to utilize the rich natural resources found in many Thai regions of sun-drenched soils, selecting only the freshest herbs, spices and other ingredients. 

Flying Goose’s devoted staff, plus state of the art machinery and technology, and a world class processing plant produce a full range of wonderfully tasty premium Thai products for the world to enjoy, while creating jobs for young men and women who share the same dreams.

Cuisine: Thai 
Main products: Sriracha hot chillisauce 
Range: full range of Thai food


Golden Turtle

H&S’ special selection

Golden Turtle Brand is the house brand of Heuschen & Schrouff Oriental Foods Trading B.V. 

Each and every product in this line was carefully selected based on great taste, high quality fresh ingredients, and value for money. 

In 2010, it started with a freshly frozen fish range - a complete selection of the most popular fish in Asian cuisine. Golden Turtle fish are caught in the Pacific Ocean surrounding Vietnam, or farmed in the fresh water of the Mekong Delta.

A team of experts selects the best quality fish at Vietnam’s main fish harbours and farms. The process from catching to freezing takes only hours. 

The line was soon extended to frozen fruit and vegetables and various essential Asian ingredients. 

We chose the Turtle, because it is one of the most respected animals in Asian culture. This ‘black warrior of the North’ is one of the guards protecting heaven and earth. Its loyalty, wisdom and long life are legendary.  Our brand stands for a strong range of high quality food from Asia.

That is why we have chosen the Golden Turtle as the symbol of the reliability of our products.

Cuisine: pan-Asian
Main product: Sambal Oelek chilli paste
Range: Frozen fish, fruit & vegetables, Asian ethnic food


Golden Phoenix

Soaring from Thailand… to the rest of the World

From the lush fertile landscape of the Kingdom of Siam originates a special variety of rice that has nourished generations of Thais since ancient times.  

In present day Thailand, everyone is familiar with Hong Tong, as Golden Phoenix brand is called in its home market.  The Golden Phoenix logo is a beautiful depiction of the Thai Phoenix, which according to Thai tradition signifies a mighty bird with magic powers.

Golden Phoenix rice thanks its status as the preferred brand to state of the art technology, which ensures that its top grade rice grains are of uniform size. Even the most miniscule impurities are detected and those imperfect rice grains are separated, leaving only the highest quality of jasmine rice.

The Chia Meng Group, brand owner of “Golden Phoenix Rice”, is proud  to be number 1 in the world. The Chia Meng Group currently exports rice to over 50 countries worldwide to Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. Hence, the saying  “Thai rice can feed the world”.

Origin: Thailand
Main product: Jasmine rice
Range: Thai rice


Haiyin Bridge

Soy sup or sup soy?

Soy sauce was invented in China over 3000 years ago. Today, the lion’s share of the market is divided by 2 brands, who both borrowed their name from the famous Haiyin Bridge in Guangzhou, China.

The two main types of Chinese soy sauce are light and dark. Haiyin bridge fans have nicknamed the light version sup soy, and the dark soy sauce soy sup. The sup soy is most used in daily cooking and recipes.

Soy sauces from different Asian countries vary significantly in taste and usage.

Kikkoman is the best known brand for Japanese soy sauce. Healthy Boy is no. in Thailand. For Chinese dishes, we recommend Haiyin Bridge.

Cuisine: Chinese
Main product: Thin soy sauce ‘ superior soy’ 
Range: Chinese soy sauce



The Home-Cooking Expert

Globo Foods started to produce and market the first 3 consumer packs of oriental seasoning in 1977, bearing the own brand LOBO. At present, LOBO carries more than 70 varieties of seasoning and dessert mixes under this brand name which has become the nr.1 household brand for oriental food mixes in Thailand.

Globo Foods is specialized in the art of transforming authentic Southeast Asian cuisine into marketable retail pouches. Famous dishes across the region, from India to Vietnam, from the northern part of Thailand to Sumatra, have been developed by Lobos cooking experts, and now cater millions of people around the world who are fascinated by the wonderful exotic taste of Thai Tom Yum soup, Tandoori Tikka, Nam Nuong, Rendang Sapi, and over 50 more.

Cuisine: Thai / Vietnamese / Indian / Indonesian / Chinese / Japanese
Main product: roasted red pork (Char siu) seasoning mix
Range: oriental seasoning & dessert mixes


Lucky Me

Innovative, nutritious, and family oriented

Lucky Me! instant noodles were first introduced in 1989 by Monde Nissin corporation, making it a sister brand of the popular SkyFlakes biscuits.

Lucky Me! soon stormed the charts itself, and became the leading brand for instant noodles in the Philippines.

Lucky Me! has challenged itself continuously, improving and innovating its products. In 1991, the brand introduced Lucky Me! Pancit Canton - the first ever instant dry noodle meal in the market. Shortly after, the bihon (rice noodle) and bowl noodle innovations followed. 

After joining forces with the Philippine Department of Health, Lucky Me! significantly improved its products by fortifying them with vitamins & minerals.

A pack of Lucky Me! noodles is good for 1/3 of your daily requirement of vitamin a and iron.

Another healthy improvement was the brand’s move to ‘NAPA’: no artificial preservatives added.

Taking its responsibility as one of the Philippine’s most influential brands, Lucky Me! launched Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga (Family Meals Matter), promoting frequent family meals together, as a simple but effective way to raise happy, healthy and successful children.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Supreme Instant La Paz Beef Bowl Noodles 
Range: Instant noodles


Mae Pranom

As close to home made as you can get

Many brands claim high quality, but Mae Pranom takes it to a whole new level. Mae Pranom has made the ultimate commitment to purity and taste. It is as close to home made products as you can get. Its products are made from 100% natural ingredients, and contain no MSG, artificial colours, preservatives, or stabilizer.

Mae Pranom’s home made recipes are made the way the founders believe they should be made, without concessions just to conform to mainstream expectations.

Mae Pranom’s sweet chilli sauce is the perfect example. Its all natural, pure taste formula is free from stabilizers, which would normally prevent the chilli seeds from floating up. As a result, the chilli sauce looks less attractive in the shelf than its competition, which could have led to a lower sales potential. 

But Mae Pranom followed through on its promise and kept the formula clean. After proudly communicating that floating sweet chilli is a sign of good quality, Mae Pranom brand soon became one of Thailand’s top suppliers of sweet chilli sauce.

Its main product, kapi shrimp paste, is known as probably the best tasting ‘trassi’ in the market.

So if the best available taste is important, Mae Pranom is an excellent choice.

Cuisine: Thai 
Main product: Kapi shrimp paste 
Range: Chilli based food and shrimp pastes



Food from the fertile land

Maejin Brand is produced in the Lampang region of northern Thailand.

Lampang is known for its fertile land and temperate climate, ideal for the production of the juiciest fruit and crunchy sweet vegetables.

Maejin started as company specialized in fruit, vegetables and spices.

Later, Maejin expanded its product line to fresh vegetables in a variety of Thai curries and soups, taking the concept of ready to use sauces to the level where only meat or shrimps are necessary to complete a nutritious and authentic Thai meal.

Cuisine: Thai 
Main product: Vegetables in Thai Green curry sauce (ready to eat)
Range: Ready to eat curries and soups, minced Thai spices


Mama Sita's

Discover flavours of the Philippine Islands

Are you Filipino? If you are, then you probably know who Mama Sita is. Most likely, you first met her in the kitchen, through all the mouth-watering meals she would prepare for everyone to eat. Or you may have met her while you were in another country, while searching for the incomparable taste of home-cooked food.

The name “Mama Sita” has always been associated with genuinely delicious Filipino food. Mama Sita’s range of spice pastes & wok sauces offers home-grown flavours, all-natural quality products and do not contain any artificial substitutes.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: BBQ Marinade
Range: seasoning mixes & sauces
Claim: all natural



Treat yourself to fun & super easy meals!

Maxchup is the younger daughter of Yan Wal Yun, home of the famous Healthy Boy Brand. 

Tailor made for today’s busy consumer, Maxchup offers all that these aware shoppers could wish for: inviting packaging, authentic sauces, great taste, and ready in minutes. 

Cuisine: Pan-Asian 
Main product: Yakitori sauce
Range: Stir-fry sauces & Marinades


Mama Sita's

Are you Filipino? If you are, then you probably know who Mama Sita is. Most likely, you fi rst met her in the kitchen, through all the mouth-watering meals she would prepare for everyone to eat. Or you may have met her while you were in another country, while searching for the incomparable taste of home-cooked food.

The name “Mama Sita” has always been associated with genuinely delicious Filipino food. Mama Sita’s range of spice pastes & wok sauces offers homegrown fl avors, all-natural quality products and does not contain any artifi cial substitutes.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: BBQ Marinade
Range: seasoning mixes & sauces Claim: all natural



Less than 12 hours from Catching to Canning!

Sardines in tomato sauce are a popular delicacy in the Philippines, and are combined with just about anything from French baguettes to rice or fried potatoes. It would probably be a great combination tossed up with Italian pasta too! 

Mega Sardines keeps all the best of the flavour and nutritious attributes of the sardines, by controlling the full process from Catching to Canning, and keeping it under 12 hours! Mega Sardines can therefore guarantee their products’ freshness, cleanliness and the lack of artificial preservatives.

What they do preserve, are the fish’s natural sources of calcium, omega and protein, for stronger bones, a healthy heart, and stronger muscles.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Range: Sardines




Monika Pancit Canton noodles are Filipino’s favourite wheat noodles. 

In Philippine, pancit means noodles. Canton refers to Cantonese cuisine. It is therefore no surprise that Pancit Canton is chow mein, Philippine style.     

Besides noodles, Monika also offers essential specialties from the Philippines, from fish delicacies like bagoong to coconut vinegar.

Monika is a brand of Fitrite Incorporated, also the parent company of Fil-Choice seasoning mixes. Fitrite is committed to bringing homegrown Philippine food to Filipinos abroad, and to promoting Filipino-made products to the world at large.

Cuisine: Philippine 
Main product: Pancit Canton Noodles (Chinese noodles)
Range: Philippine specialties 



Where Healthy is Tasty

Moondish makes it very easy to discover Filipino food. Two popular dishes from the Philippine islands are prepared fresh, and canned locally, for people all over the world to enjoy by simply heating its content.

The first, Laing, is a delicacy of the Bicol Region. This delicious dish is primarily made of  Taro (Gabi) leaves and stalks slowly cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with ginger and Philippine chilli, with absolutely no preservatives! The sweetness of heavy coconut milk, plus the distinct taste of taro leaves and the oozing spice of Philippine chilli will surely give a kick in one's taste buds, making laing a sought-after dish throughout the Philippines. 

The second, Bicol, is a mixture of green and red chili pepper, sliced winged bean pods and other spices simmered in coconut cream. Its level on the spicy scale is astronomical, if you are brave enough to chew, so be sure to eat it with plenty of white rice. Bicolano dishes are truly unique, and the islands deserve their reputation as Spicy Bicol ‘where cooking dishes with no sili is not cooking at all!’

Moondish brings you these 2 unique Filipino specialties in its pure, all natural form, with no preservatives or flavouring added, and free from trans fat.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Laing with hot & spicy shrimps
Range: Heat & Eat Philippine Laing and Bicol


M.Y. San

Freshly baked goodness

Diversity makes the world go ‘round and good taste unites it! Indeed, SkyFlakes cross all borders and have break-down barriers-winning flavour, making it the taste that’s ‘right to all tongues’.

The number 1 undisputed cracker brand since its introduction in the 1960’s, SkyFlakes is known for its crisp taste and retention of oven-baked freshness. SkyFlakes crackers are ideal as a snack in-between meals, as crackers for (French) cheese or even as a substitute for rice or potatoes since they also complement many entrees perfectly.

Origin: Philippine
Main product: SkyFlakes Crackers
Range: Crackers


Oh Aik Guan

Your healthy choice Sesame Oil

Oh Aik Guan Sesame oil is pressed from toasted sesame seeds. 

The result is pure sesame oil, rich in antioxidants, Omega-6 and Vitamin E. Sesame oil is an ingredient that enhances the flavour of stir-fries, marinades, and salad dressings. 

As a cooking oil, it adds a delicate sesame fragrance to your stir-fries.

Cuisine: Singapore
Main product: Sesame Oil
Range: Sesame Oil


Oyster Brand

Supreme quality Fish Sauce

The fish sauce from Oyster Brand is made from fermented anchovy. The natural production process is non-mechanised and takes months to complete. The fermentation process mainly requires salt and patience. So the list of ingredients for fish sauce is correspondingly short: fish, salt and a little bit of sugar.

Fish sauce is used in south-east Asia in the same way as salt is used in the West. The sauce does not smell particularly pleasant, but do not let that stop you. Its taste is the secret ingredient in Thai cuisine. A few drops of fish sauce work wonders in a Thai curry, or even a simple bouillon.

Cuisine: Thailand
Main product: Fisch sauce
Range: Fisch sauces



Discover the rich taste of India

Pasco Spices & Herbs is a family run business founded in 1992. Now one of the leading manufacturers of 100% natural (additive, starch and colour free) gold award winning Indian cooking sauces. 

The Pasco range also includes other Indian essential side dishes, such as pickles, pastes, chutneys, relishes, dressings, marinades and traditional English condiments. 

Cuisine: Indian 
Main product: Indian mild curry 
Range: Indian curry pastes, chutneys & pickles 
Claim: Winner Gold Award for Indian cooking sauces


Philippine Brand

For mangolovers

Philippine Brand is celebrated for its luscious dried mango snacks. They are made from the best world famous Philippine mangoes. This popular snack is bursting with mango flavour. Even though it is a healthy fruit-based snack, its taste is just as seductive as candy.

Besides mango snacks, the Philippine Brand family also encompasses  fruit jam, fruit juice and mango slices in syrup. Mango is the recurring theme, and the mango juice especially justifies the undisputed reputation of the Philippine mango. It is like freshly picked mangoes have just been pressed above your glass…

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Dried mango
Range: Mango and fruit snacks, jams and juices



Legendary mustard

The Peace Canning Co., Ltd. has produced canned pickled mustard greens since 1958. With the unique characteristics and savory flavour, Pigeon brand soon stood out from the competition, and the company gained the highest market share in Thailand. 

Nowadays, Thai supermarkets still reserve metres of shelf space for Pigeon Mustard.

The salted mustard greens from Pigeon are made from preserved mustard plant leaves. The leaves are rubbed with salt and left to dry in the sun. The taste and texture can be compared to kale.

The salted mustard greens are used as a seasoning (briefly fried to preserve the bite) or as vegetables in stir-fry dishes.

Cuisine: Thai
Main product: Pickled Mustard Green
Range: Canned vegetables


Silver Swan

Aiming to make food taste even better 

Made only using the finest ingredients, Silver Swan Soy Sauce promises to delight your palates with just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. Prepared specifically to meet the needs of the demanding Filipino taste and the complement the richness of Filipino cuisine, our soy sauce promises to make each and every cooking experience enjoyable and memorable.

Whether you plan to use Silver Swan Soy Sauce as a cooking ingredient to perfect the meals you prepare or as a condiment to enhance the flavours present on any dish, you can always stand confident knowing you have chosen the perfect partner for your culinary needs.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Soy sauce 
Range: Soy sauce


S. Khonkaen

Commitment to quality and delicious taste

S. Khonkaen in the producer of the popular Chiu Chow fish balls, and has recently started producing meat balls and sausages, under the brand name S. Khonkaen.

The meat sausages are seasoned honouring the traditional recipes of Thailand, Vietnam and China. They are versatile, and can be used as tapas, in stir-fry dishes, salads or curries.

The pork and beef balls, like the company’s sought-after fish balls, are eaten in soups, in stir-fry dishes or fried or grilled as a snack.

Cuisine: Thai
Main product: Chinese Sausages
Range: Frozen Asian sausages and meat balls


Spring Home

Leading in frozen pastry

Spring Home is the world leading brand of spring roll pastry, and known for its extensive range of frozen convenience food products such as roti paratha, Indian samosa, glutinous rice balls and cocktail prawn, just to name a few.

Its award winning frozen spring roll pastry makes it so easy to make fresh spring rolls at home. 

They are thicker than rice paper and hence much easier to use and fold. The result is perfect, big spring rolls with that thick, crispy crust…

Cuisine: Singapore
Main product: Frozen spring roll pastry
Range: Frozen convenience food products



Thailand’s no. 1 crispy fish strips

Taro is Thailand’s number one fish snack, and is gaining popularity throughout Asia and the world fast. The reason behind this trend is that Taro fish snacks are delicious, nutritious and fun to eat. They are made from fresh sea-caught white fish meat, carefully blended with exotic spices. The mixed raw materials are baked and ready to eat anywhere and any time.

Ways to eat:
-      Just as they are, directly from the pack
- Microwave 2-3 minutes, and enjoy the crispiness
- Fry with or without oil to enjoy a different taste and crispiness
- Add to your favourite noodles, mix with your salad, or…be creative!  

Cuisine: Thai
Main product: Original Fish Strips
Range: Baked Fish Strips


Thai Dancer

Add flavour to your food

Food Specialize Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 as a manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of seasoning sauces under the “Thai Dancer” brand. 

The company is specialized in sweet chilli sauce in different flavours. Like Thai dancers pay great attention to the details of their product – the dance – the Thai Dancer brand reflects this attention to detail of the Food Specialize company during its creation of a full range of flavourful, and delicate authentic Thai food.

Cuisine: Thailand 
Main product: Sweet chilli sauce 
Range: full range of Thai food


White King

Making everyday a celebration. Every meal, a feast

RFM Corporation, the producer of White King, is one of the biggest diversified food and beverage companies in the Philippines. It was established over 50 years ago (1958) as the pioneer in the flour-milling industry in the Asian region, and it evolved from a single company producing bags of flour, to a multi-company enterprise managing a chain of branded products that are highly visible in the Philippine consumer market today. One of the most successful brands of the company is Selecta, which is the Filipino name of Ola ice cream).

RFM is known for quality products and good value in the Philippine market, and White King is the brand closest to its roots.

White King makes everyday a celebration, and every meal a feast, with its baking products that remind us that food is special and fun. 

Its best seller, Bibingka Mix, is a Filipino rice cake. The Filipinos love sweet dishes and Bibingka rice cake is no exception. It is a rice cake with a topping of cheese and salted eggs. It is served with butter, sugar and grated coconut. 

Because all White King products are easy to prepare, they can be made quickly as (or to accompany) weekday meals.

Cuisine: Philippine
Main product: Bibingka Rice Cake Mix
Range: Cake mixes and flour-based products


Yum Yum

Taste that fits

If you are talking about great tasting instant noodles, it must be YumYum! When you choose YumYum for your customers, you can be 100% sure they will be satisfied.

YumYum is manufactured in Thailand by Wan Thai Foods Industry Company Limited. Since its foundation in 1972, Wan Thai has become one of the leading manufacturers of instant noodles, due to its great taste, wide variety of flavours, and attractive and colourful packaging. The “YumYum” instant noodles brand has been familiar to customers in Thailand for many generations, and is now a favourite for consumers all around the world.

Cuisine: Thai / Asian
Main product: instant chicken noodles
Range: instant pouch noodles, cup noodles and bowl noodles.



World’s nr. 1 coconut milk 

In order to produce the best coconut milk in the world, Chaokoh uses Thai coconuts of the highest quality in combination with intelligent technologies designed to preserve the product's fresh taste. 

Coconut milk is produced by pressing coconuts. The resulting juice is called coconut milk because of the milky colour. The higher the fat percentage, the creamier the coconut milk. 

This coconut milk with its fat content of 16% is ideal for use in hot dishes.

Coconut milk is used in many different ways in Asian cuisine. In Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine, coconut milk is used in curry dishes or in soups. In Western cuisine, coconut milk is also used as a fresh-tasting substitute for cooking cream and crème fraîche. 

Origin: Thailand
Main product: Coconut milk
Range: Coconut products


North South

Wonton Wrappers

North South specialises in deep-frozen wonton wrappers. Wonton is a type of dim sum, which is a well-known Chinese dish. In China, dim sum is so popular that ‘yum cha’ (drinking tea) means going to a restaurant to eat dim sum because it is normally served as an accompaniment to tea.

Wonton wrappers are available in 2 main types: thick wrappers for wonton soup and thin wrappers for fried or steamed wontons. The filling consists of finely chopped ingredients that are then mixed thoroughly. One popular combination is minced pork or finely sliced prawns with ginger, onions, sesame oil and soy sauce. 

Origin: Singapore
Main product: Wonton Wrapper
Range: Freezer



Coconut specialists

“Coconut Palms gently swaying in the breeze”. This sentence is synonymous when it comes to describing the tropical Island of Sri Lanka, and when one flies into Sri Lanka the first glimpse are the vast expanse of Coconut trees along the coastline.

The scientific name for coconut is Cocos nucifera. Early Spanish explorers called it coco, which means "monkey face" because the three indentations (eyes) on the hairy nut resembles the head and face of a monkey. Nucifera means "nut-bearing". Coconut is the most widely grown plantation crop in Sri Lanka, and one of the three “Cash Crops”.

Renuka Agri Foods PLC is proud to be Sri Lanka's leading integrated grower, manufacturer and Global marketer of Coconut based food and beverage products from Sri Lanka. 

Renuka’s main product, the coconut cream contains large amounts of dietary fibre. It is made from 100% pure coconut. 

Depending on the amount of water that is added, both coconut milk and coconut cream can be made from a coconut cream block.

Origin: Sri Lanka
Main product: Coconut cream
Range: Coconut products