Buy one of our exclusive best-selling brands and get a chance to win!

This year marks Heuschen & Schrouff’s 60th anniversary.

A great milestone! But Heuschen & Schrouff would never have been the successful company it is today without its loyal customers. We are very very grateful and therefore we have developed a festive campaign to celebrate this milestone together. A campaign with lots of prizes that you definitely don’t want to miss. So read all the ins & outs about the campaign below and take part!

Campaign description

By ordering products of our participating anniversary brands, you will automatically join the prize-pool, with a chance to win several great prizes. The more anniversary brands you order, the higher your chance to win a prize. You can participate between July 1st 2023 and December 31th 2023. The winners will be announced in January 2024. Do you order 6 out of our 10 anniversary brands? Then you automatically have a chance to win the grand prize.
The participating anniversary brands are: Ayuko, Cheong Lee, Golden Turtle, HS Brand, Lucky Dim Sum, Pinoy Kitchen, Royal Duck, Royal Tiger, Spring Happiness, Windmill

The prizes:

  • Fatboy hammock
  • Fatbike with your own logo
  • Macbook
  • JBL musicbox
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Watch
  • Airpods
  • iPhone Pro
  • Mediamarkt voucher worth € 1.000,-
  • Grand prize: A trip to Asia worth € 5.000,-

The winners will be announced in January 2024

Terms and conditions

  1. The participant can only participate by ordering the anniversary brands of Heuschen & Schrouff: Ayuko, Cheong Lee, Golden Turtle, HS Brand, Lucky Dim Sum, Pinoy Kitchen, Royal Duck, Royal Tiger, Spring Happiness and Windmill.
  2. The promotional period starts at July 1 2023 and runs until December 31 2023. Heuschen & Schrouff has the right to shorten or extend the promotional period if deemed necessary but only with a 10 days’ notice period. The winners will be announced in January 2024.
  3. It is possible that the final published prizes differ from the prizes shown on the promotions.
  4. It is not allowed to exchange or sell the prizes for profit.
  5. Every person who is a registered client of Heuschen & Schrouff and who is older than 18 at the time of participation, may participate in the promotion. Heuschen & Schrouff is entitled to ask for proof.
  6. The participant must have an existing e-mail address and address. Participants who use an incomplete or fictitious e-mail address, address and/or names may be excluded from participation by Heuschen & Schrouff.
  7. Employees of Heuschen & Schrouff are excluded from participation.
  8. In the event of misuse, fraud, manipulation, circumvention or a breach of the terms and conditions, Heuschen & Schrouff is entitled to exclude participants or groups of participants. Heuschen & Schrouff is entitled to do this on the basis of a suspicion and is not bound to inform the participant or to provide proof.
  9. By participating in the promotion, the participant states to agree to these terms and conditions.
  10. The participant can only participate in the promotion during the promotion period and only in the manner described in on the terms and conditions page. If the participant submits his entry late, early, in a way other than the prescribed manner, or otherwise incomplete, he shall be excluded from participation without further notice.
  11. If a participant participated in the promotion in breach of these terms and conditions, Heuschen & Schrouff reserves the right to designate a new winner and/or the exclude the participant from this promotion or any subsequent promotions. Heuschen & Schrouff is not obliged to note that the Benefit has become null and void.
  12. Participation by means of certain scripts, systems, automated functions, or other methods that increase the chances of winning is prohibited.
  13. The benefit is strictly personal, non-exchangeable for goods and/or services and not transferrable without written permission from Heuschen & Schrouff.
  14. Heuschen & Schrouff is not in any way liable for costs and additional expenses a Participant would have to incur in connection with the payment or use of the benefit.
  15. Except for gross negligence or intent, Heuschen & Schrouff, its employees, assistants or third parties it engaged are not liable for damage.
  16. Heuschen & Schrouff does not provide any guarantee in relation to the prizes and excludes every liability, except for gross negligence or intent, in that regard. Heuschen & Schrouff is not liable for (i) any defects to the benefit, (ii) if the benefit is received later than announced, (iii) received by the wrong person, (iv) or was lost or damaged during its shipment or (v) if the benefit or replacement benefit deviates from the offered benefit on subordinate points.
  17. Heuschen & Schrouff is not responsible or liable in the event of fraud by participants.
  18. Anybody with questions, complaints or comments may turn to the Heuschen & Schrouff customer services. Customer services can be contacted at the e-mail address
  19. Heuschen & Schrouff is entitled to amend these terms and conditions, without stating reasons, or to cancel the promotion, if, in the light of statutory or regulatory provisions or interpretations thereof by government bodies, the promotion cannot be continued or cannot be continued unchanged, if the further implementation of the promotion is actually or otherwise impossible or impossible under the same conditions or if the circumstances concerning the promotion have changed to such an extent that its continued progress involves unreasonable or disproportionate extra costs or difficulties for Heuschen & Schrouff. The most recent version of these terms and conditions can be consulted on the website throughout the action period.
  20. The content of these terms and conditions is under reservation of clerical errors and interpretation. It is not possible to derive any rights from clerical errors or mistakes by Heuschen & Schrouff.