Mina is the essence of culinary Morocco, where culture is passed down through generations, stories, and recipes. A modern brand to complement any kitchen, Mina blends the taste of the tradition with a passion for spirited palates. Her journey of family, food, and flavorful fun is now the world’s to savor. Now, the bold heritage of her famed dishes is a celebrated staple in the global cook’s pantry. And the brand, like the chef, continues to make more meals more Moroccan. Come explore what Mina can make with you.

  • All Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan, GMO-free, No Trans Fat
  • Contains 6 ingredients
  • Delicious with meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, rice, pasta, soups and sandwiches and also to use as a sauce, dip or spread
  • Well filled, bright red colour, peppery, spicy and savoury.
  • A healthy low calorie way of transforming every meal into a culinary delight