Golden Phoenix

From the lush fertile landscape of the Kingdom of Siam originates a special variety of rice that has nourished generations of Thais since ancient times.

In present day Thailand, everyone is familiar with Hong Tong, as Golden Phoenix brand is called in its home market.  The Golden Phoenix logo is a beautiful depiction of the Thai Phoenix, which according to Thai tradition signifies a mighty bird with magic powers.

Golden Phoenix rice thanks its status as the preferred brand to state of the art technology, which ensures that its top grade rice grains are of uniform size. Even the most miniscule impurities are detected and those imperfect rice grains are separated, leaving only the highest quality of jasmine rice.

The Chia Meng Group, brand owner of “Golden Phoenix Rice”, is proud  to be number 1 in the world. The Chia Meng Group currently exports rice to over 50 countries worldwide to Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. Hence, the saying  “Thai rice can feed the world”.