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Landgraaf, March 22th 2022

Dear relation,


With great sadness in our hearts we hereby inform you that our beloved founder Frits Schrouff has passed away at the age of 82 in his home town Lanaken (BE). Although Frits faced a few health challenges, these never withheld him from coming to his company Heuschen & Schrouff to greet us and give us some good hearted advice. Unfortunately his health condition deteriorated recently and still unexpected he has passed away in the night from Monday to Tuesday March 22th 2022.

His memory and soul will always be an integral part of the organization he built, which we will proudly carry-on towards the future. He will be missed greatly and stay in our hearts forever.


Marc Boits (CEO):
Frits Schrouff was a real people person, knew how to connect people like no other. From a deep-rooted need to help other people, combined with a sharp business instinct, Frits took the first steps towards corporate social responsibility already 60 years ago. Today we still propagate his ideas and his legacy is our future at the same time. Connecting people and cultures through food. Dear Frits, thank you very much for giving us all this. We will take very good care of it!


About Frits Schrouff
Frits Schrouff was born on February 17th 1940 as son of a miller in Landgraaf (NL). As a 23th old young man he recognized the need of Indonesian immigrants in the shelter of his former parents in law who deeply longed for the food of their home country. So he took a plane to Indonesia and started to import rice and soy sauce which he sold door-to-door in a Volkswagen van.
This company now has grown out to be the leading company with over 400 employees which exports to over 40 countries throughout Europe.

Frits Schrouff was also known for his generous heart at the foundation of the Frits Schrouff Foundation which supports several social projects in Asia, Afrika and locally in the Netherlands. Frits also supported many sports and cultural associations. In 2009 he was knighted in the Order of Oranje Nassau for his extraordinary work.

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