The increasing demand for halal food is a big opportunity for Europe’s leading supplier of authentic ethnic food. They expand their business by adding Amilah to the product portfolio.

The halal market is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. By 2030, an estimated 8% of the European population will be Muslim. Whereas the Muslim community is increasing rapidly, the supply of permissible (halal) food lags behind. The increasing demand for Halal Food is a big opportunity for Heuschen & Schrouff, Europe’s leading distributor of Oriental Food. As Asian and Arab Halal food is already presented in their impressive product portfolio of more than 4600 products, Heuschen & Schrouff is now the proud exclusive distributor of the new halal brand Amilah. Amilah will be showcased at the Heuschen & Schrouff booth (11.2 D12/E11) at the Anuga fair.

Amilah Food BV identified the need for Western halal foods and developed the ultimate solution with the new Amilah food brand. Amilah offers a range of high-quality halal food that allows Muslim communities to enjoy contemporary Western cuisine without any concerns. The brand offers this target group the option to choose from a much larger and broader range of halal products. Furthermore, the Amilah brand caters to a group that is increasingly more critical, which is why Amilah offers high-quality products. The frozen meat snack range contains a high meat content and no mechanically separated meat is used.