Golden Turtle Brand

Golden Turtle Brand is the house brand of Heuschen & Schrouff Oriental Foods Trading B.V.  Each and every product in this line was carefully selected based on great taste, high quality fresh ingredients, and value for money.

In 2010, it started with a freshly frozen fish range – a complete selection of the most popular fish in Asian cuisine. Golden Turtle fish are caught in the Pacific Ocean surrounding Vietnam, or farmed in the fresh water of the Mekong Delta.

A team of experts selects the best quality fish at Vietnam’s main fish harbours and farms. The process from catching to freezing takes only hours.

The line was soon extended to frozen fruit and vegetables and various essential Asian ingredients.

We chose the Turtle, because it is one of the most respected animals in Asian culture. This ‘black warrior of the North’ is one of the guards protecting heaven and earth. Its loyalty, wisdom and long life are legendary. Our brand stands for a strong range of high quality food from Asia.

That is why we have chosen the Golden Turtle as the symbol of the reliability of our products.