Lucky Me

Lucky Me! instant noodles were first introduced in 1989 by Monde Nissin corporation, making it a sister brand of the popular SkyFlakes biscuits. Lucky Me! soon stormed the charts itself, and became the leading brand for instant noodles in the Philippines. Lucky Me! has challenged itself continuously, improving and innovating its products. In 1991, the brand introduced Lucky Me! Pancit Canton – the first ever instant dry noodle meal in the market.

Shortly after, the bihon (rice noodle) and bowl noodle innovations followed. After joining forces with the Philippine Department of Health, Lucky Me! significantly improved its products by fortifying them with vitamins & minerals. A pack of Lucky Me! noodles is good for 1/3 of your daily requirement of vitamin a and iron. Another healthy improvement was the brand’s move to ‘NAPA’: no artificial preservatives added.