Many brands claim high quality, but Mae Pranom takes it to a whole new level. Mae Pranom has made the ultimate commitment to purity and taste. It is as close to home made products as you can get. Its products are made from 100% natural ingredients, and contain no MSG, artificial colours, preservatives, or stabilizer.

Mae Pranom’s sweet chilli sauce is the perfect example. Its all natural, pure taste formula is free from stabilizers, which would normally prevent the chilli seeds from floating up. As a result, the chilli sauce looks less attractive in the shelf than its competition. After proudly communicating that floating sweet chilli is a sign of good quality, Mae Pranom brand soon became one of Thailand’s top suppliers of sweet chilli sauce. Its main product, kapi shrimp paste, is known as probably the best tasting ‘trassi’ in the market. So if the best available taste is important, Mae Pranom is an excellent choice.