Lekker Bekkie has been producing Surinamese foods for over 20 years. The history of the Lekker Bekkie family company goes much further than the Lekker Bekkie brand: they were producing spices such as the popular Surinamese Masala in Suriname around 1977. Lekker Bekkie does not aim to produce as cheaply as possible, but maintains a high quality standard by only using the most carefully selected fresh ingredients. Lekker Bekkie products are produced by Sharroy Food Suriname exclusively for Exotic Quality Food Netherlands. They are specialized in marinades, chutneys, sambals and exotic syrups.

Lekker Bekkie products

The top-notch products of Lekker Bekkie are hygienically prepared with authentic ingredients according to their traditional Grandmother’s recipe.

Hindustani, Javanese, Chinese and Creole cuisine

In addition to the best chutneys made from fresh green mangoes, birambi, ambarella etc., they also produce a range of other culinary sambals and marinades.
They are continually trying to find ways to make Surinamese cooking easy for the diverse Surinamese kitchen. They do this in such a way that the authentic taste is preserved while allowing you to enjoy a quality product. That’s what Lekker Bekkie stands for: 100% top-notch products!

  • Chutneys made of a range of green fruits, such as our Mango Chutney made of green mangoes with pepper and a range of Indian spices.
  • Javanese Sambals, indispensable with typically Javanese dishes such as bakmi, nasi goreng, tehlo and pechel.
  • Madame Jeanette Picalilly, for use with Surinamese Pom dishes. But also delicious with simple potatoes, Brussels sprouts, bread or pizza.
  • Surinamese Syrups: tasty drinks to go with tasty food. Dawet, a tasty Javanese sweet drink. But also Orgeat and other syrups for a Surinamese lemonade. Also tasty over snow cones.
  • Marinades such as the Seasoned Soy Sauce, for quick and easy Surinamese-style meat.
  • Pinda Sambal, a base of top-notch quality to prepare a tasty peanut sauce in no time. Goes with typically Surinamese dishes, but also with cooked potatoes, Brussels sprouts, beans, carrots or at the barbecue!