Marca Pina

Marca Piña has been a staple in Filipino homes since the 1940s. Today, Marca Piña sells its quality products to over 40 countries worldwide, exporting 40-foot containers full of proudly Filipino-made products locally and abroad.

North South

North South is an experienced wonton pastry manufacturer in Singapore. They have been manufacturing and exporting quality wonton pastry since 1975 using only high quality ingredients. Their pastries are made without lard. The company does not only export, but also supplies their pastries to cruises.

White King

RFM Corporation, the producer of White King, is one of the biggest diversified food and beverage companies in the Philippines. It was established over 50 years ago (1958) as the pioneer in the flour-milling industry in the Asian region, and it evolved from a single company producing bags of flour, to a multi-company enterprise managing…


Drinho is one of the beverage brands of the Lam Soon Group – a household name in South East Asia, with many category leaders in its impressive brand portfolio. Recently relaunched, Drinho soy milk is now all natural, richer in soy taste and extra nutritious. In Europe, Drinho soy milk is sold as ‘soy drink’…

Rizi Brand

Rizi Rice Bran Oil is a light and delicately flavoured oil suitable for many applications. Rizi is a rich source of natural antioxidants-Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol and contains 1.2g of Omega 3 and 31.1g of Omega 6 per 100ml.

Minh Duong

The company has been providing consumers with high quality and hygienic agricultural products for many years. They apply science and technology to their production of dried sticky corn, dried sweet potatoes, jackfruit, cashew nuts and lotus seeds. This is greatly appreciated by consumers.

Iam Superjuice

Iam Superjuice is a fruit juice brand with appealing design and competitive pricing. Iam Superjuice has six flavours; lychee, passion fruit, mango, mangosteen, soursop and coconut. The flavour choices are based on these special healthy fruits. One can holds 330ml. Iam Superjuice produces and bottles Iam Superjuice in Vietnam, China, and Thailand with the highest…

Ranong Tea

There are varieties of Ranong Tea products such as laxative herbal tea, green mulberry tea and organic health coffee which all are herbal beverages for health conscious consumers that help promote well being, abound with antioxidant, non-chemical toxin, reducing risks of serious disease, high in fiber and low in caffeine, these are why Ranong Tea…

King Lobster

Pichai Fish Sauce Company Limited was founded in 1937. The company has become the biggest fish sauce producer in Thailand after many years of experience in emphasizing the supreme quality product.

Roi Thai

Roi Thai developed an exciting range of authentic, ready to cook, Thai curry simmer sauces, created and produced in Thailand. These traditional Thai coconut-based curries are made with fresh, thick creamy coconut cream, harvested from local coconuts trees. Aromatic herbs and spices are selected and blended to produce the unique flavours of Mild Massaman, Medium…